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Title Name Role
Samaritan Grandma Confer
Storage Estelle
Soda Springs Beth
"Desperate Housewives: I Guess This Is Goodbye " Teresa Pruitt
Elevator Girl Rosemary
"Greek: Evasive Actions " Joan
"Greek: Take Me Home, Cyprus Rhodes " Joan
"Private Practice: Homeward Bound " Cynthia
A Christmas Proposal Maggie
"South of Nowhere: Spencer's 18th Birthday " Mary Spencer
Frost/Nixon Pat Nixon
"Shark: Bar Fight " Mary Belkin
Psycho Hillbilly Cabin Massacre! Ma
"Smith: Six " Tracy Breen
In the Wall Dolores
"What About Brian: What About True Confessions? " Lillian
Left in Darkness Grandmother
Seth Mother
"Die Sopranos: Kaisha " Liz LaCerva
"Die Sopranos: The Ride " Liz La Cerva
"Criminal Minds: Plain Sight " Marcia Gordon
"Entourage: Aquamansion " Realtor
"Grey's Anatomy - Die jungen Ärzte: Who's Zoomin' Who? " Rebecca Franklin
Gone But Not Forgotten Andrea Hammerhill
"New York Cops - NYPD Blue: Moving Day " Jeannie Wyatt
Mystery Woman: Snapshot Barbara Sommers
Heart of the Beholder Helen
"Die Sopranos: Long Term Parking " Liz La Cerva
Shallow Ground Helen Reedy
"Cold Case: Greed " Mavis Breen
"The D.A.: The People vs. Oliver C. Handley " Jeanie Carlson
Target Maysie
"Skin: True Lies " Irene
"Skin: Endorsement " Irene
The Kiss Priscilla Standhope
The Silvergleam Whistle Motel Manager
Inhabited Olivia Hagen
"Skin: Amber Synn " Irene
"Skin: Blowback " Irene
"Die Sopranos: Watching Too Much Television " Liz La Cerva
The Medicine Show Janice Piegi
"Frauenpower: Recovery " Monica Whitman
Acceptable Risk Lois
Choosing Matthias Mrs. Leonard
The Silencing Betty
"Emergency Room - Die Notaufnahme: Viable Options " Mrs. Dwyer
"Die Sopranos: Full Leather Jacket " Liz La Cerva
Die Invasion der Klapperschlangen Vera Conrad
"Baywatch - Die Rettungsschwimmer von Malibu: Trial by Fire " Rose O'Hara
Mommy's Day Mommy
Mommy Mommy
"Harry's Nest: The Mismatchmaker " Fran
"Doogie Howser: A Woman Too Far " Marge Lester
"Freddy's Nightmares: Photo Finish " Estonia 'Stoney' Adler
"The New Lassie: Tinker " Kathleen Squires
The Flamingo Kid Mrs. Brody
"Mord ist ihr Hobby: Wearing of the Green " Det. Kathleen Chadwick
Samstag, der 14. schlägt zurück Kate Baxter
"Head of the Class: Don't Play with Matches " Madeline Mardian
"The Law and Harry McGraw: State of Art " Gloria Billings
"Mord ist ihr Hobby: No Accounting for Murder " Lana Whitman
Dirty Money Alice Wilson
"Mr. Sunshine: Take My Ex-Wife Please! " Ellen
"Auf den Schwingen des Adlers" Liz Coburn
"Partners in Crime: Fashioned for Murder " Irene
"Remington Steele: Second Base Steele " Vera Woodman
Exit - Ausgang ins Nichts Mary Peterson
"Hotel: Wedding " Paula
Night Partners Sophie Metzman
"Magnum: Foiled Again " Assistant District Attorney Carol Baldwin
"Dallas: Anniversary " Evelyn Michaelson
"Dallas: My Father, My Son " Evelyn Michaelson
"Dallas: Waterloo at Southfork " Evelyn Michaelson
"The Ropers: Mother's Wake " Anne Brookes
"The Ropers: Four Letter Word " Anne Brookes
"The Ropers: The Rummage Sale " Anne Brookes
"The Ropers: Old Flames " Anne Brookes
"The Ropers: Men About the House " Anne Brookes
"The Ropers: The Other Woman " Anne Brookes
"The Ropers: Family Feud " Anne Brookes
"The Ropers: Of Mice and Horses " Anne Brookes
"The Ropers: Jenny's Date " Anne Brookes
"The Ropers: And Who's Been Sleeping in My...? " Anne Brookes
"The Ropers: The Other Man " Anne Brookes
"Fantasy Island: The Cheerleaders/Marooned " Marg Atkins
"The Ropers: The Skeleton " Anne Brookes
"The Ropers: Helen Makes Music " Anne Brookes
"The Ropers: Pal Joey " Anne Brookes
"The Ropers: Odd Couples " Anne Brookes
"The Ropers: All Around the Clock " Anne Brookes
"The Ropers: Puppy Love " Anne Brookes
"The Ropers: Two for the Road " Anne Brookes
"The Ropers: Baby Talk " Anne Brookes
"The Ropers: Power Play " Anne Brookes
"The Ropers: Days of Beer and Rosie " Anne Brookes
"The Ropers: The Party " Anne Brookes
"Notruf California: The Convention " Gail
"The Ropers: Opportunity Knocks " Anne Brookes
"The Ropers: The Family Planning " Anne Brookes
"The Ropers: The Doris Letters " Anne Brookes
"The Ropers: Your Money or Your Life " Anne Brookes
"Friends: Going Out " Vanessa
"The Ropers: Friends and Neighbors " Anne Brookes
"The Ropers: Moving On " Anne Brookes
"Love Boat: Heads or Tails/Little People, The/Mona of the Movies " Beth Donovan
"As the World Turns" Kim Sullivan Reynolds Stewart Andropoulos Hughes (1975-1976) (temporary replacement for Ms. Hays)
Feuerkäfer Sylvia Ross
"Cannon: Coffin Corner " Mrs. Richard Halsey
"Dr. med. Marcus Welby: The Double-Edged Razor " Dr. Newman
"Dr. med. Marcus Welby: The Brittle Warrior " Marilyn Bryson
"Wide World Mystery: Murder Impossible" Tanya
"Barnaby Jones: Image in a Cracked Mirror " Angie McClaine
"Die Straßen von San Francisco: Blockade " Jill Cameron Lawrence
"Police Story: Chain of Command " Marie Hall
"Notruf California: Dinner Date " Janet Caldwell
"O'Hara, U.S. Treasury: Operation: Dorias " Gilda Julian
"The Best of Everything" Linda Warren (1970)
"Lancer: Child of Rock and Sunlight " Pearl Sickles
The Young Animals Janet
The Young Runaways Deannie Donford
Die Satansengel von Nevada Edie
Maryjane Susan Hoffman
"Verrückter wilder Westen: The Night of the Death Masks " Betsy
"Katy: Cousin Helga Came to Dinner " Helga
"Cowboys: Incident at Paradise " Sarah Higgins
"Young Dr. Malone" Lisha Steele #4 (1962)
"Cowboys: Incident of the Wolvers " Julie Cannon
Jacktown Margaret
"Schauplatz Los Angeles: Thousands & Thousands of Miles " Karen Kegler
Frühreife Generation Janet Sommers
"Route 66: Sleep on Four Pillows " Jan
"Im wilden Westen: A Girl Named Virginia " Virginia Reed
"Route 66: Black November " Jenny Slade
Abenteuer am Mississippi Joanna Wilkes
"The Chevy Mystery Show: The Summer Hero " Dotty Halsey
"Alcoa Presents: One Step Beyond: Make Me Not a Witch " Emmy Horvath
"The United States Steel Hour: Rachel's Summer " Rachel Sullivan
"Peck's Bad Girl: Treehouse of the Steven Peck's " Torey Peck
"Peck's Bad Girl: The Breadwinner " Torey Peck
"Peck's Bad Girl: Slumber Party " Torey Peck
"Peck's Bad Girl: Episode #1.11" Torey Peck
"Peck's Bad Girl: The Picnic " Torey Peck
"Peck's Bad Girl: Lady Bountiful " Torey Peck
"Peck's Bad Girl: Feet of Clay " Torey Peck
"Peck's Bad Girl: Spare the Rod " Torey Peck
"Playhouse 90: Project Immortality " Ketti Doner
"Peck's Bad Girl: Society vs. Torey Peck " Torey Peck
"Peck's Bad Girl: Episode #1.5" Torey Peck
"Peck's Bad Girl: The Pet Rabbit " Torey Peck
"Peck's Bad Girl: Lips That Touch Lipstick " Torey Peck
"Peck's Bad Girl: The Big Fib " Torey Peck
"Peck's Bad Girl: Episode #1.1" Torey Peck
"Wagon Train: The Mary Ellen Thomas Story " Mary Ellen Thomas
"Goodyear Theatre: The Chain and the River " Gussie
Kathy O' Kathy O'Rourke
"Playhouse 90: The Dungeon " Mahala May
"Kraft Television Theatre: The Spell of the Tigress " Jeannie
"Playhouse 90: The Clouded Image " Jane
"Playhouse 90: Child of Trouble " Toby Green
Befiehl du deine Wege Annabelle Eunson
"Cavalcade of America: Don Marshall's Brat " Trudy Marshall
"Playhouse 90: The Miracle Worker " Helen Keller
Die Schneekönigin Angel, the Robber Girl
Böse Saat Rhoda Penmark
"Climax!: An Episode of Sparrows " Lovejoy Mason
"Mama: Episode #1.8" Ingeborg
"The Motorola Television Hour: Atomic Attack " Ginny Mitchell
Hochzeitsparade Orphan
Two Gals and a Guy Fay Oliver
"Mama: Episode #1.1" Cousin Ingeborg

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