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Title Name Role
Dead Space: Aftermath Interrogator #2
Dante's Inferno: An Animated Epic Nessus/Lust Minion #3
The Extraordinary Monday of Herman Brumby Narrator
All Inclusive Therapist
"The Mentalist: Red John's Friends " Muriel Renfrew
"Practice - Die Anwälte: Down the Hatch " Dr. Pickford
Judge Koan Aunt Elizabeth
"Family Affair: I Know What You Did Last Sunday " Charlotte
Ghosts of Mars Narrator
"Gideon's Crossing: Filaments and Ligatures " Doctor
"The West Wing - Im Zentrum der Macht: Galileo " Nadia
Care Joanne Hallows
"Die Profis - Die nächste Generation: Orbit " The Minister
"Die Profis - Die nächste Generation: Hostage " The Minister
"Die Profis - Die nächste Generation: Back to Business " The Minister
"Gerichtsmediziner Dr. Leo Dalton: A Good Body " Penelope Arnold
"Where the Heart Is: Love " Angela Smith
Der Mann ohne Namen Inspector Rabineau
"Dressing for Breakfast: Old Boyfriend " Liz
"Dressing for Breakfast: Betrayal " Liz
"Dressing for Breakfast: Rose " Liz
"Dressing for Breakfast: Graham " Liz
"Dressing for Breakfast: Married Man " Liz
"Dressing for Breakfast: Marathon " Liz
"Dressing for Breakfast: Funeral " Liz
"The Governor: Episode #2.2" Annette Bullock
"Dressing for Breakfast: Birthday " Liz
"Dressing for Breakfast: Dinner Party " Liz
"Dressing for Breakfast: Steve " Liz
"Dressing for Breakfast: Hospital " Liz
"Dressing for Breakfast: Mark " Liz
"Dressing for Breakfast: Wedding " Liz
"A Touch of Frost: No Refuge " Marion Parfitt
"Lovejoy: The Ring " Matron
"Love Hurts: Charity Begins at Home " Helen Ramsay
A Masculine Ending Insp. Parkinson
"Casualty: Sins of Omission " Chris Williamson
"The Men's Room: Episode #1.5" Margaret Lacey
"The Men's Room: Episode #1.4" Margaret Lacey
"The Men's Room: Episode #1.3" Margaret Lacey
"The House of Eliott: Episode #1.6" Lady Finehurst
"The Men's Room: Episode #1.2" Margaret Lacey
"The Men's Room: Episode #1.1" Margaret Lacey
Das Russland-Haus Charlotte
"Capital City: Headhunting " Petra Allenson
"Without Walls: Sexual Intercourse Began in 1963" Commentator
Weißer Jäger, schwarzes Herz Miss Wilding, Wilson's Secretary
Die Krays May
"4 Play: Goodbye and I Hope We Meet Again " Vivian
Liebe, Betrug und andere Leidenschaften Femme Portefeuille
"Shalom Salaam" Sarah Morris
"Dramarama: A Young Person's Guide to Going Backwards in the World " Mentora
"Play for Today: Only Children " Jill
"Dramarama: The Young Person's Guide to Getting Their Ball Back " The Grand Vamp
"No Excuses: Encore " Shelley Maze
"No Excuses: Never Going Home " Shelley Maze
"No Excuses: Getting Harder " Shelley Maze
"No Excuses: Whole Lot of Nothing " Shelley Maze
"No Excuses: They're Onto Us " Shelley Maze
"No Excuses: Little Actress " Shelley
"No Excuses: One Easy Lesson " Shelley Maze
"No Excuses: Rock 'N' Roll Mad " Shelley Maze
"ITV Playhouse: Something's Got to Give " Ann Mitchell
"Bognor: Deadline: Part 6 - Hard Cheese on Eric " Molly Mortimer
"Bognor: Deadline: Part 5 - Good Luck Willy " Molly Mortimer
"Bognor: Deadline: Part 4 - The Criketer's Almanac " Molly Mortimer
"Bognor: Deadline: Part 3 - There Comes No Answer " Molly Mortimer
"Bognor: Deadline: Part 2 - Who Goes Home? " Molly Mortimer
"Bognor: Deadline: Part 1 - They Don't Make Them Like That Any More " Molly Mortimer
Drake's Venture Elizabeth I
"Shoestring: The Teddy Bears' Nightmare " Christine Page
"Rock Follies of '77: The Real Life " Anna Ward
"Rock Follies of '77: The Divorce " Anna Ward
"Rock Follies of '77: The Loony Tunes " Anna Ward
"Rock Follies of '77: The Hype " Anna Ward
"Rock Follies of '77: The Empire " Anna Ward
"Rock Follies of '77: The Band Who Wouldn't Die " Anna Ward
The Brute Primrose
Das Dingsbums The Woman
"Play for Today: Early Struggles " Doctor
"Rock Follies: The Blitz " Anna Ward
"Rock Follies: The Pounds Sterling " Anna Ward
"Rock Follies: The Talking Pictures " Anna Ward
"Rock Follies: The Road " Anna Ward
"Rock Follies: The Little Ladies " Anna Ward
"Rock Follies: The Show Business " Anna Ward
"Omnibus: Find Me" Catherine
Stardust Sally Potter
"Play for Today: Thank You Very Much " Tycoon's secretary

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