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Title Name Role
Swan Song Karen
"Die Zwei mit dem Dreh: The Cage " Jenny Brown
"Spider-Man - Der Spinnenmensch: The Deadly Dust: Part 2 " Gale Hoffman
"Spider-Man - Der Spinnenmensch: The Deadly Dust: Part 1 " Gale Hoffman
"McMillan & Wife: Have You Heard About Vanessa? " Vanessa Vale
"Isis: ...And Now You Don't " Isis/Andrea Thomas
"Isis: Now You See It... " Isis/Andrea Thomas
"Isis: Year of the Dragon " Isis/Andrea Thomas
"Shazam!: Out of Focus " Isis
"Isis: The Cheerleader " Isis/Andrea Thomas
"Shazam!: Finders Keepers " Isis
"Isis: The Class Clown " Isis/Andrea Thomas
"Isis: The Hitchhiker " Isis/Andrea Thomas
"Isis: Seeing Eye Horse " Isis/Andrea Thomas
High Risk Sandra
"Isis: Dreams of Flight " Isis/Andrea Thomas
"Isis: Scuba Duba " Isis/Andrea Thomas
"Die Zwei mit dem Dreh: Death by Resurrection " Jenny Brown
"Isis: Girl Driver " Isis/Andrea Thomas
"Isis: Funny Gal " Isis/Andrea Thomas
"Isis: No Drums, No Trumpets " Isis/Andrea Thomas
"Isis: The Outsider " Isis/Andrea Thomas
"Isis: The Show-Off " Isis/Andrea Thomas
"Isis: How to Find a Friend " Isis/Andrea Thomas
"Isis: Bigfoot " Isis/Andrea Thomas
"Shazam!: The Odd Couple " Isis
"Isis: Lucky " Isis/Andrea Thomas
"Isis: Rockhound's Roost " Isis/Andrea Thomas
"Isis: The Sound of Silence " Isis/Andrea Thomas
"Isis: Fool's Dare " Isis/Andrea Thomas
"Isis: Spots of the Leopard " Isis/Andrea Thomas
"Isis: The Lights of Mystery Mountain " Isis/Andrea Thomas
It Couldn't Happen to a Nicer Guy Wanda Olivia Wellman
"Columbo: Negative Reaction " Lorna McGrath
Petrocelli - Nächtliche Spiele Thelma Lattimer
A Time for Love Mini
The Great American Beauty Contest Gloria Rockwell
"Search: Flight to Nowhere " Laura
"Dr. med. Marcus Welby: A Fragile Possession " Carolyn Kingsley
"Die Zwei von der Dienststelle: Have I Got an Apartment for You! " Sgt. Kelly
"Love, American Style: Love and the College Professor/Love and the Eyewitness/Love and the Lady Barber/Love and the Plumber " (segment "Love and the Eyewitness")
Eine nach der Anderen Yvonne Millick
B.S. I Love You Marilyn/Michelle
Ich liebe meine Frau Nurse Sharon
"The Name of the Game: Echo of a Nightmare " Carole Crown
"Dr. med. Marcus Welby: The Other Side of the Chart " Nurse MacAndrews
"Dr. med. Marcus Welby: Nobody Wants a Fat Jockey " Anne MacAndrews
"Dr. med. Marcus Welby: Fun and Games and Michael Ambrose " Anne
"Daniel Boone: A Bearskin for Jamie Blue " Kellie
"Medical Center: Jeopardy " Lainie
"The Bold Ones: The New Doctors: Man Without a Heart " Jan Speiser
How to Commit Marriage Nancy Benson

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