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Title Name Role
Die Tribute von Panem - Tödliche Spiele Mrs. Everdeen
"Law & Order: Los Angeles: Benedict Canyon " Jill Jennings
"Fringe - Grenzfälle des FBI: Stowaway " Dana Gray
"Private Practice: Home Again " Hillary
"Lie to Me: Funhouse " Lightman's mom
"Caprica: Apotheosis " Amanda Graystone
"Caprica: Here Be Dragons " Amanda Graystone
"Caprica: The Heavens Will Rise " Amanda Graystone
"Sons of Anarchy: Bainne " Maureen Ashby
"The Event: For the Good of Our Country " Madeline Jackson
"Caprica: The Dirteaters " Amanda Graystone
"Sons of Anarchy: Fírinne " Maureen Ashby
"The Event: I Know Who You Are " Madeline Jackson
"Caprica: Blowback " Amanda Graystone
"Sons of Anarchy: Turas " Maureen Ashby
"Caprica: False Labor " Amanda Graystone
"Sons of Anarchy: Lochan Mor " Maureen Ashby
"The Event: Loyalty " Madeline Jackson
"Caprica: Things We Lock Away " Amanda Graystone
"Sons of Anarchy: Widening Gyre " Maureen Ashby
"Caprica: Retribution " Amanda Graystone
"Caprica: Unvanquished " Amanda Graystone
"Sons of Anarchy: Turning and Turning " Maureen Ashby
"Sons of Anarchy: Home " Maureen Ashby
"Sons of Anarchy: Caregiver " Maureen Ashby
"Sons of Anarchy: Oiled " Maureen Ashby
"Sons of Anarchy: So " Maureen Ashby
"Caprica: End of Line " Amanda Graystone
"Caprica: Ghosts in the Machine " Amanda Graystone
"Caprica: The Imperfections of Memory " Amanda Graystone
"Caprica: Know Thy Enemy " Amanda Graystone
"Caprica: There Is Another Sky " Amanda Graystone
"Caprica: Gravedancing " Amanda Graystone
"Caprica: Reins of a Waterfall " Amanda Graystone
"Caprica: Rebirth " Amanda Graystone
"Caprica: Pilot " Amanda Graystone
"CSI - Den Tätern auf der Spur: Disarmed and Dangerous " Emma/Amanda
Morning After Kat McKinley
"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Retro " Susan Ross
A Woman in the West Marion Faber
"Criminal Minds: Seven Seconds " Beth Jacobs
"John from Cincinnati: His Visit: Day Nine " Jerri
Nonplussed Jenn
"John from Cincinnati: His Visit: Day Eight " Jerri
"John from Cincinnati: His Visit: Day Seven " Jerri
"John from Cincinnati: His Visit: Day Six " Jerri
"John from Cincinnati: His Visit: Day Five " Jerri
The Death Strip Helene
"Cold Case: A Dollar, a Dream " Marlene Bradford
"Emergency Room - Die Notaufnahme: Murmurs of the Heart " Meg Riley
"Emergency Room - Die Notaufnahme: A House Divided " Meg Riley
"Emergency Room - Die Notaufnahme: Breach of Trust " Meg Riley
"Emergency Room - Die Notaufnahme: Scoop and Run " Meg Riley
"Emergency Room - Die Notaufnahme: Reason to Believe " Meg Riley
"Emergency Room - Die Notaufnahme: Heart of the Matter " Meg Riley
"Lost: Every Man for Himself " Colleen Pickett
"Emergency Room - Die Notaufnahme: Parenthood " Meg Riley
"Lost: The Glass Ballerina " Colleen Pickett
"Emergency Room - Die Notaufnahme: Somebody to Love " Meg Riley
"Deadwood: Tell Him Something Pretty " Trixie
"Deadwood: The Catbird Seat " Trixie
"Deadwood: A Constant Throb " Trixie
"Deadwood: Amateur Night " Trixie
"Deadwood: Leviathan Smiles " Trixie
"Deadwood: Unauthorized Cinnamon " Trixie
"Deadwood: A Rich Find " Trixie
"Deadwood: A Two-Headed Beast " Trixie
"Deadwood: Full Faith and Credit " Trixie
"Deadwood: True Colors " Trixie
"Deadwood: I Am Not the Fine Man You Take Me For " Trixie
"Deadwood: Tell Your God to Ready for Blood " Trixie
"Deadwood: Boy-the-Earth-Talks-To " Trixie
"Deadwood: The Whores Can Come " Trixie
"Deadwood: Advances, None Miraculous " Trixie
"Deadwood: Amalgamation and Capital " Trixie
"Deadwood: Childish Things " Trixie
"Deadwood: E.B. Was Left Out " Trixie
"Deadwood: Something Very Expensive " Trixie
"Deadwood: Complications " Trixie
"Deadwood: Requiem for a Gleet " Trixie
"Deadwood: New Money " Trixie
"Deadwood: A Lie Agreed Upon: Part II " Trixie
"Deadwood: A Lie Agreed Upon: Part I " Trixie
"Deadwood: Sold Under Sin " Trixie
"Deadwood: Jewel's Boot Is Made for Walking " Trixie
"Deadwood: Mister Wu " Trixie
"Deadwood: No Other Sons or Daughters " Trixie
"Deadwood: Suffer the Little Children " Trixie
"Deadwood: Bullock Returns to the Camp " Trixie
"Deadwood: Plague " Trixie
"Deadwood: The Trial of Jack McCall " Trixie
"Deadwood: Here Was a Man " Trixie
"Deadwood: Reconnoitering the Rim " Trixie
"Deadwood: Deep Water " Trixie
"Deadwood: Deadwood " Trixie
June & Orlando June
Quintessence Ruth
"Six Feet Under - Gestorben wird immer: I'm Sorry, I'm Lost " Woman in Bar
"New York Cops - NYPD Blue: Marine Life " Carla Whitford
"Star Trek: Enterprise: Silent Enemy " Madeline Reed
"UC: Undercover: Zero Option " Sasha
A.I. Künstliche Intelligenz Patricia in Mirrored Room
Baby - Glück auf Zeit Julia
"Strong Medicine: Zwei Ärztinnen wie Feuer und Eis: Pre-Existing Conditions " Trish
"Practice - Die Anwälte: Settling " Suzie Greene
Hamlet Marcella
The Green Mile Marjorie Detterick
The Auteur Theory Siobhan Meehan
"Profiler: Blind Eye " Jean Stanley
The Rocking Horse Winner Jesse's Mother
Trance Bartender
Dunston - Allein im Hotel Bellman #4
Tombstone Allie Earp
Another Girl Another Planet Bartender

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